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Move Together 是一个为期9周免费课程,以普通话授课,就体育锻炼和健康生活方式给予指导。该课程由完全合资格的运动专业人士授课,根据个人具体需求定制个性化锻炼。该课程将帮助您重返健康日常,结识新的朋友。

无论以前是否参加过体育锻炼,或是需要一些帮助来开启锻炼日常,亦或是希望结识一些志同道合的友人,Move Together课程都将能够帮助您走上更健康、更积极的生活轨迹。

Move Together is a FREE 9-week physical activity and lifestyle program for the Mandarin community. The program will be delivered by a fully-qualified exercise professional  who will tailor individual exercises to your specific needs within a friendly and supportive environment. This life-changing program can help you get back into a healthy routine and meet people within your community.

Whether you have exercised before, need some help getting started, or are looking to meet like-minded people, the Move Together program will help you on your journey to a healthier and more active life. The exercise professional  will tailor individual exercises to your specific needs within a friendly and supportive environment.

这一为期9周的课程将包括:(Your 9-week program will include)
初始评估   Initial assessment
定制锻炼计划  Tailored exercise program
9次集体锻炼课(每周1次)9 group exercise sessions (1 per week)
知识理论课 Education sessions
追踪进展 Tracking your progress
最后咨询 Final consultation

本锻炼课程适用于任何年满65岁的普通话使用者。参加本课程无需被确诊患有糖尿病。This exercise program is for anyone 65 years and older who speaks Mandarin. You do not need to be diagnosed with diabetes to participate in this program.

所有参与者都将收到免费的弹力带和体育锻炼资源。All participants will receive a FREE TheraBand and physical activity resources. 

参与步骤:(How to get started)
1.    在线预订或致电1300 342 238,报名参加为期9周的课程。由于名额有限,必须提前预订。Book online or call 1300 342 238 to register for the 9-week program. Bookings are essential as there are limited places available.
2.    我们将为您邮寄一份课程启动材料包,其中包括一份体检合格表,需在首次咨询前由全科医生签字。We will mail you a starter pack with a Medical Clearance form you will need your GP to sign before your initial consultation
3.    在这一为期9周的课程开始前,与Move Together教练员进行初次咨询。Attend an initial consultation with your Move Together Trainer before the 9-week program starts.
4.    在这一为期9周的课程期间,参加每一次集体锻炼课程。Attend each group exercise session for the duration of the 9-week program.

本课程由社区与司法事务部(Department of Communities and Justice)减少老年人社交孤立计划资助。

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