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Type 2 Yarning group 

Would you like to be part of a closed Facebook Page for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders living with Type 2 diabetes? 

Sometimes looking after yourself and diabetes can be hard, in this group you can share your story, knowledge and wisdom with others and find support in managing type 2 diabetes. 

Melissa Stubbings from the Buruberongal Clan of the Darug Nation has kindly shared her diabetes journey with the group. Watch this video to hear Melissa’s story and share it with friends and the community. 

If you’d like to join this safe and comfortable online space to share stories and support each other scan the QR code in the Type 2 Yarning Group flyer or visit Diabetes NSW & ACT T2 Yarning Group. 

For more information contact us at or call 1800 637 700.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Community events

Community events are a great opportunity for Diabetes NSW & ACT to listen to community, raise awareness about diabetes and capture the impact this health condition has on the person living with diabetes, their families and other supports, and the wider community. In helping to raise awareness and support at these events we can provide information about our programs and services, and health professionals. 

Please email or call 1800 637 700 if you would like us to come to an event in your community. 

For diabetes education, events and other program offerings, please see our events and education website page. 

A series of diabetes education videos are also available to watch in your own time here, as well as podcasts to listen to. 


National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS)

The NDSS is an important national scheme that registers how many people are living with diabetes in Australia. The NDSS register informs the funding and access for people living with diabetes to diabetes services, supports and products.  

If you are living with diabetes it is very important that you are registered with the NDSS to receive free services and heavily subsided diabetes produce such as blood glucose meter strips, to help manage your diabetes. The more people registered with the NDSS in an area, means more funding is allocated to that area. 

Your doctor or health worker can help you register by completing this NDSS registration form.

The NDSS is a federal government program administered by Diabetes NSW & ACT in NSW and ACT.  

For information on the NDSS, talk to your doctor or health worker or visit the website


Diabetes NSW & ACT may from time to time receive sponsorship and/or educational grants from suppliers of diabetes products or medicines in support of diabetes consumer awareness raising, educational activities for health professionals, conferences and meetings, and other activities.

Where the third party supplier is a current or prospective supplier of products or medicines included (or which could be proposed for inclusion) on the NDSS Product Schedule, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) or other similar scheme accessed by persons with diabetes that is funded (in whole or in part) by the Commonwealth, Diabetes NSW & ACT provides this assurance that no third party supplier is entitled to, nor will receive, any advantage in terms of the provision of Commonwealth-subsidised diabetes products or medicines to people with diabetes or the provision of Scheme information to people with diabetes or health professionals.

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