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Whether you live with diabetes, care for someone or may be at risk, when you join the Live Your Life community you become part of something that is strong, positive and inspiring.

Whether you live with diabetes, care for someone or may be at risk, when you join Diabetes Australia you become part of a strong positive and inspiring community.  Members have access to a range of benefits including our online member forum, exclusive events and webinars, regular member publications and partner discounts. Find out more about our benefits below.

Make an investment in you

Membership costs $60 a year or $33 for concession card holders and can be paid in either monthly or annual instalments direct from a credit or debit card.

  • Monthly instalment = $5.50 or $3 for concession card holders
  • Annual instalment = $60 or $33 for concession card holders

The following cards entitle you to a concessional discount when you provide us with your card type, number and expiry date: Healthcard, Pensioner, Student, Unemployment or Seniors Card. DVA Gold or DVA White cardholders should call us on 1300 342 238.


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Make new friends and connections

Get connected to others who understand what it feels like to live with diabetes. Through our online forum you can ask and answer questions, or get involved in discussions on different aspects of living with diabetes. We also host monthly online meet ups and webinars as well as in-person events.

“I’m thankful for the ‘Live Your Life’ forum.  It’s helped me to improve my understanding of T1 and its many variations.  After about 43 years, as a T1 and about 10 years as a ‘gluco-typical” aspirant, I’ve discovered a lot about T1 this year.”

Jock, type 1 member


“I’m so lucky since I have joined the Live Your Life Community Forum, it is really helpful. Even though I live alone I don’t feel lonely even with COVID-19 because when I turn on the computer each morning, I can feel that I am among all of you. It is already my habit to look at the forum every morning and the Interaction with fellow members makes me happy and is beneficial to my health.  I am now more knowledgeable and confident as I have learnt from the others members experiences. ”

Agnes, Type 2 member.


Improve your diabetes management

Living with diabetes means you have to stay on top of a daily routine. We know this can be tough, so we’re here to help you every step of the way.

If you have questions our Health Professionals, who specialise in diabetes, are just a phone call away. Our webinars and in person events will keep you up to date on the latest developments in diabetes management, while our member magazine Circle, and monthly e-newsletters a packed full of recipes and advice to help you stay in good health.


“I always enjoy reading the Circle Magazine when it arrives as it is always full of interesting articles and updates which assist in keeping me very well.”

Allison, Valley Heights


Have your say

Be a part of something bigger. Together we have a louder voice to lobby government and industry on issues important to people living with diabetes. In the last 12 months we’ve been busy lobbying on your behalf to:

  • Expand subsidies for CGM and Flash Glucose Monitoring so it’s available to more people living with diabetes,
  • Extend license periods for people with diabetes during the COVID-19 restrictions,
  • Improve hospital care for those living with diabetes.

On top of this we’ve made representations and submissions to Government on a variety of issues including food labelling, diabetes technology, medication subsidies, button battery safety, green space development and responses to COVID-19.

We know there is still a lot of work to be done and with your help Diabetes Australia will continue to fight for the rights of everyone touched by diabetes.


Know you’re supported

As a member of the Live Your life Community, we’ll advocate on your behalf if you need help dealing with legal matters, workplace problems or feel like you’re facing discrimination. We’re just a phone call away. So if you need help, we’re here to support you.


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Support the latest research

We’re all hoping that one day science will find a cure for diabetes, but in the meantime new developments in technology and medication can make living with diabetes easier. As a member of Diabetes Australia some of your fees go to supporting diabetes research. One of the latest research projects we’re supporting is The Direct Study which is focused on the remission of type 2 diabetes.

While you’re supporting life changing research we’ll make sure you don’t miss hearing about new developments by sharing updates via our webinars, community forum and member publications.

“The research in diabetes is so important.  We have progressed from the time to test a BGL was a tricky difficult procedure to the wonderful gift of glucometers. We have access to insulin thanks to Banning.”

Rhonda, Nambucca Heads


Be rewarded

To help you manage the cost of living with diabetes our Live Your Life Rewards program gives you access to offers and discounts from our corporate partners. We’re always adding to the list of discounts and our current offers include:

  • A 25% discount across the entire Fitbit Smartwatch and fitness tracker range
  • ACT residents can save $450 off a Platinum Club Lime Membership as well as 10% off at Ziggys Fresh.


Extra support for you

If you’re registered with the NDSS you may be wondering why you should join our Live Your Life Community.

While the NDSS gives you access to subsidies on diabetes related products and educational events and programs, membership of Diabetes Australia gives you so much more. When you join us you become a part of a community that cares and have access to extra services and resources designed to help you stay well and healthy. See our benefits table below or try our frequently asked questions.

NDSS Diabetes Australia
Subsidies on diabetes related products
Free education events and programs
Expert advice via our Contact Centre
Information to help you manage your diabetes
Online community forum
Member only webinars
Monthly eNewsletters
Circle Magazine
Partner discounts inc.
Access to Psychologist service
Advocacy and lobbying
Support medical research


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