You can give hope to people living with diabetes

In 1944, John and Dorothy Keller received a kettle as a wedding gift. Since then, this kettle has been the heart of the family; providing warmth, comfort and support. Comfort was certainly needed when their daughter, Elsie, was diagnosed with diabetes. From that day on, everything changed. Including the kettle’s purpose.

“I was still used to make tea, but I also became a life-saving tool.”

“Elsie filled me with water and set me on the stove. I’d become used to these tasks as they took place multiple times a day. Once boiling, she carefully placed the glass syringe and long needle into the bubbling water for sterilisation. While Elsie watched as her mother sharpened the needle on the kitchen whetstone. She only had one needle and if it was blunt it would hurt even more. She had practised giving injections on an orange, but the pain of giving herself one far surpassed her expectation. She then understood what ‘the sharper the better’ really meant.”

Thankfully, many advances have come about in Elsie’s lifetime. She has gone from sharpening her syringes and boiling glass vials in the kettle to using an insulin pump. There is also more information available when someone is diagnosed with diabetes. From the “As1 Diabetes Kits” given to all families when their child is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, to the carer training workshops available to extended families so they have the confidence to babysit and manage the diabetes of children in their care.

We can’t do these things without your support. And while this kettle’s voice – and the Keller family may not be real, our plea is.

Please donate today. Your support is needed for the thousands of families living with the challenging ups and downs of diabetes every day.

““I can only give hot water, but you can change someone’s life.””

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