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About the Good Life Alliance

Diabetes can be relentless and life-threatening. Which is why we need your ongoing support.

We rely on monthly donations from our passionate supporters in the Good Life Alliance to deliver essential assistance to people living with diabetes.

As part of the Good Life Alliance, your monthly donation helps ensure Diabetes NSW & ACT is at the forefront of:

– tackling isolation
– campaigning,
– advocating
– delivering psychological care for people living with diabetes.

Because no-one should have to deal with diabetes alone.

Thanks to our supporters in the Good Life Alliance, last year Diabetes NSW & ACT:

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Provided expert psychological care online and over the phone to people dealing with the relentless challenges of diabetes

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Assisted over 1,000 young people and families through DiaBuddies Days - our program to tackle isolation among children living with life-threatening type 1 diabetes.

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Represented the interests of people living with diabetes in NSW and the ACT - and many more who are at risk, by campaigning for better experiences within our health system.

We can’t do this without your help.

Giving to the Good Life Alliance helps ensure no-one has to deal with diabetes alone. Thank you for considering making your first monthly donation today.

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Where will my donations go?

As part of the Good Life Alliance, your tax-deductible donations help us:

  • Tackle isolation by creating a community for people living with diabetes. An example of this are DiaBuddies Days which connect children and families living with type 1 diabetes to others in a similar situation.
  • Deliver campaigns to influence the public conversation about diabetes – busting common myths and raising awareness of serious complications associated with the condition.
  • Advocate for children and adults so they understand and access their rights in relation to diabetes.
  • Provide psychological care for people struggling with the relentless daily challenges of living with diabetes.

Every person living with diabetes deserves a fair go, in a connected community, free of isolation and stigma.

The Good Life Alliance helps them achieve that.

Help us achieve a life without the complication, or complications, of diabetes.