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It was the lowest point in a tumultuous six weeks that started with four-year-old Larni being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. And a day her mum Nicole will never forget:

“It was lunchtime. I had the insulin injection ready and was looking for Larni. I found her in the corner of her room sobbing. As I walked in, she held her arms out to stop me coming closer while begging me not to do it. She promised to be a ‘Good Girl Forever’ if I would just stop doing the needles. I put the needle down and held her as we both sobbed. As her mother, there’s nobody I loved more. And to have your child begging you to stop hurting them is heartbreaking. Then when you realise there’s no choice, it’s devastating.” 

I can understand Nicole’s distress and I’m sure you do too. It was a very difficult time for them. Thankfully they are through the worst of it. But there are many others like them who are now adjusting to life with diabetes with the help and support of Diabetes NSW & ACT.

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