Help children like Molly

The triage nurse took one look at Molly, pricked her finger, then went ‘bang’ on a buzzer. “It just went crazy from there; it was a blur, a whirlwind,” says Molly’s Mum Kirsty.

Unfortunately, the medical emergency and diagnosis of type 1 diabetes was just the beginning. Diabetes management is relentless and painful, and on top of the physical discomfort, Molly experienced a deeper hurt. She started being left out socially – excluded because of her diabetes.

“Her invitations to sleepovers stopped, her invitations to birthday parties, to playdates,” says Kirsty. “So at the time she needed her friends most, her support network was taken away. Purely out of other parents thinking ‘oh no, she’s got diabetes, we don’t want to make her sick’.”

So the family jumped at the chance to attend their first Diabetes NSW & ACT DiaBuddies Days last Christmas and this March. DiaBuddies Days are not only great fun. They let kids with type 1, siblings and parents connect with others who are on a journey with diabetes.

“Kids can pull their pump out and prick their finger and no-one asks questions or stares at them,” says Kirsty. “They can feel comfortable for the day. And as parents, it’s just so good. The carbohydrates are written down on the food, and it’s such a caring environment. You can almost switch off.”

On her own, Molly also attended one of our three-day camps. Being sporty and adventurous, Molly loved the outdoor activities on offer. Best of all, though, she made a new friend.

“Lo and behold, the first person we spoke to when we got there just so happened to live a five minute drive from us,” says Kirsty. “And they had a girl who’s two years older but the age difference doesn’t matter.. She had been through a bad experience as well, with losing friends and everything else.”

“The two hit it off. They’re little besties. They facetime on their iPhones or they message or they call or have playdates. It is so great, and for that we are indebted to people who support Diabetes NSW and ACT.”

In the aftermath of diagnosis, we could only be there for Molly because of the generous support of caring people like you. Please start donating now. Your monthly gifts will help children like Molly grow into mentally strong adults. Diabetes never stops. Neither do we.

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