Mood, Food, Move and Me

‘Mood, Food, Move and Me’ is shorthand for the holistic approach Diabetes NSW & ACT recommends for managing diabetes so you can live well.

Whatever your age, whatever type of diabetes you live with and whatever stage it’s at, if you pay attention each day to your mood, the food you eat, how you move and your medical condition, you will always be aware of the adjustments you need to make to live well with diabetes.

Mood, Food, Move and Me are all connected – each one has a beneficial effect on the others.

It works something like this: moving and eating properly will help you to stay in a buoyant mood. If you’re in a good mood you’ll feel more like moving and eating well. That, in turn, will make you better equipped to keep up your testing and medications, so that the challenges of life with diabetes are more easily met.

Across the website you’ll find useful tips and information relating to each of these areas. It will be easy to spot,  as one or more of these icons will be displayed on the page.

We hope you find this an easy approach to follow and it helps you to manage your diabetes and live well.

MoodIcon for MoodFoodIcon for FoodMoveIcon for MoveMeIcon for Me

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