Annual Cycle of Care

The diabetes Annual Cycle of Care is a checklist that helps you review your diabetes management and general health.

If you’re living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes you can reduce your risk of developing complications by keeping your health on track. This includes keeping your blood pressure, blood glucose levels and blood fats as close to normal as possible. It’s also important to have regular dental checks and pay attention to other parts of your body that can warn you when you may be at risk, such as your feet, kidneys and eyes.

Some things, such as your blood glucose levels, you can check for yourself. Others like your teeth, feet, kidneys and eyes will need to be checked by healthcare professionals.

We call these checks your Annual Cycle of Care. We recommend you make appointments with each member of your healthcare team at least once a year. To make these appointments easy to remember we recommend you put them in your calendar for the same date each year.

At our Annual Cycle of Care events our trained health professionals will check your:

  • HbA1c (three month average of your blood glucose levels)
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Kidney health
  • Foot health
  • Blood pressure
  • BMI

We’ve also prepared a useful information sheet to help you monitor your health, including your:

  • Blood glucose levels (BGL)
  • HbA1c (glycated haemoglobin)
  • Blood pressure (BP)
  • Cholesterol (blood fats – lipids)
  • Eyes
  • Feet
  • Kidneys

What is the cycle of care?

You can watch a video guide to your Annual Cycle of Care below.

Annual cycle of care podcast series

A series of 10 podcasts focusing on the importance and components of the annual cycle of care is available on the NDSS website. Topics include eye health, kidney health, HbA1c and what support is available for managing diabetes.

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