Healthy eating

Healthy eating is an important part of managing your diabetes, so you need to pay attention to what, when and how much you eat every day.

Eating a healthy diet helps to keep your blood glucose levels within your target range, which reduces the risk of developing diabetes-related complications. Talking to an accredited practising dietitian can help you learn how to make better food choices and improve your health. A dietitian can also help you put together a food plan that meets your individual dietary needs.

If you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes (or have type 1 or type 2 diabetes and are pregnant) your dietitian can help you develop a healthy eating plan to maintain healthy blood glucose levels and meet your special nutritional needs throughout your pregnancy.


We have a range of information sheets and delicious recipes to help you understand and enjoy healthy eating. Find out more about:

After a while, placing a lot of importance on healthy eating and body weight can lead to thinking about food in unhealthy ways or to disordered eating. This can make it hard to keep your blood glucose levels in your target range and can increase the risk of short- and long-term diabetes-related complications.

Remember, you’re not alone! There is lots of support available to help you manage your emotional wellbeing and achieve your healthy eating goals.

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