2021 Diabetes Research Awards Announced

Thursday, 9 December 2021

Last night Diabetes Australia and Diabetes NSW & ACT hosted the 2021 Diabetes Australia Research Trust (DART) Awards at NSW Parliament House.

The DART Awards recognise researchers making an outstanding contribution to the prevention, management and cure for all types of diabetes.

The awards given under the Diabetes Australia Research Program recognise outstanding research, and foster young and upcoming researchers in the field of diabetes.

Diabetes NSW & ACT would like to thank and acknowledge our corporate partner Abbott, whose support made the awards ceremony possible and for their commitment to research.

2021 Diabetes Australia Grant Award Recipients

Researcher Institute Project Title
Associate Professor Ross Laybutt  

Garvan Institute of Medical Research


XBP1 maintains ß-cell identity by repressing an a-cell program


Dr Nicola Lee


Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Central leptin signalling through NPY neurons regulates glucose homeostasis
Associate Professor Carsten Schmitz-Peiffer  

Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Proof-of-Principle: Inhibitors of Protein Kinase C Epsilon as Dual Action Agents for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

Dr Lei Zhang


Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Brainstem circuitries as intervention points for type 2 diabetes treatment

Dr Chunling Huang


Kolling Institute of Medical Research

Targeting Kv1.3 as a novel therapeutic strategy for diabetic kidney disease

Dr Sue Mei Lau


Prince of Wales Hospital

Development of an evidence-based model of cost-effective diabetes inpatient care using a diabetes patient finding tool (the Diabetes Dashboard).

Professor Kim Donaghue


The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

The CANDID Study: Improving Outcomes of Childhood Type 1 Diabetes

Professor Nick Di Girolamo


University of New South Wales

A novel treatment for type I diabetes that regenerates sensory nerves: using the eye as a model
Associate Professor Isabelle Jalbert  

University of New South Wales

IDEA: Co-designing and feasibility testing of an evidence-based and theory-informed intervention to Improve appropriateness of Diabetic Eyecare in Australia

Dr Ki Wook Kim


University of New South Wales

Characterising the population of respiratory viruses that promote the development of islet autoimmunity and type 1 diabetes using virome capture sequencing

Professor Nigel Turner


University of New South Wales

Pharmacological targeting of the sphingolipid metabolism to treat metabolic disease

Dr Kedar Ghimire


University of Sydney

A novel strategy to promote insulin secretion and improve treatment for diabetes mellitus

Professor David James


University of Sydney


Molecular Dissection of a Human Lipodystrophy Mutation


Dr Praveesuda Michael


University of Sydney

3D Perfusion Bioreactor: A novel approach to study synthetic vascular graft endothelialisation in diabetes


Dr Reena Singh



University of Sydney

To identify the effect of basement membrane proteins on the global gene expression pattern of human stem cell derived-beta (SC-ß) cells and dissect the underlying mechanism of enhanced function

Professor Wah Cheung


Westmead Hospital

The Role of Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Fatty Liver Disease in the Development of Hyperglycaemia in Pregnancy

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