Contact your MP about equitable access to CGM

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Having affordable glucose self-monitoring technology available to everyone living with diabetes is an important issue for our community.

Current Government subsidies are only available up to 21 years of age, which does not recognise the needs of adults living with diabetes. Age should not be a deciding factor for Government subsidies.

If you would like to write to your local Member of Parliament about this issue you can download this pro-forma letter and fill in the relevant details.

If you don’t know who your local Member of Parliament is you can find out by checking the details on the Australian Electoral Commission website

When preparing your letter make sure to use the correct title. Some tips for this are below

  • For letters, set out the name and address of the MP or Senator in the top left hand corner. This is not necessary in the case of emails.
  • An MP’s name should be written in the address as follows: ‘Mr/ Mrs/Ms/Dr First Name, Last Name MP’.
  • A Senator’s name should be stated as follows: ‘Senator First Name, Last Name’.
  • MPs or Senators who are, or have been, government Ministers, are given the title ‘The Honourable’. In the address, this is written ‘The Hon. Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr First Name, Last Name MP’ in the case MPs or ‘Senator the Hon. First Name, Last Name’ for Senators.
  • Start your letter as follows: ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or ‘Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr Last Name’ in the case of MPs, and ‘Dear Senator’ or ‘Dear Senator Last Name’ in the case of Senators.

Raising this issue with your Member of Parliament lets them know this is important to you and the rest of the diabetes community. It’s a simple action, but one which could lead to significant change.

Click here to download the letter now.

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