COVID-19 and NDSS Services

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Managing the daily routine of diabetes can be a little tough right now with the restrictions on movement and socialising.

Below is an update on services that you may regularly use and some temporary changes that have been put in place to help during the COVD-19 pandemic.

Home delivery of medicines and NDSS products 

Medicine home delivery services are now available to help vulnerable people stay at home and reduce their exposure to COVID-19.

Participating pharmacies can offer customers with diabetes free delivery of medicines using the Australia Post Express Post network. There is a weight limit for parcels of 500 grams.

For people with diabetes, participating pharmacies may be able to add NDSS products to your home delivery of medicines.

Check with your pharmacy to see if they are offering this service. You will also find more information at Australia Post.

NDSS products and diabetes medicines

The Australian Government has advised there is no national shortage of NDSS products or insulin or other diabetes-related medicines.

We are encouraging people not to stockpile medications or diabetes products. This will help ensure there are enough products available for everyone with diabetes who needs them.

As a temporary measure, people can now order three (3) boxes of NDSS products including blood glucose monitoring strips, urine monitoring strips, pen needles, and syringes. There is also a limit of two (2) boxes for insulin pump consumables (IPCs) for any order.

There may be some exceptions where people may need more than these supply amounts, for example if live remotely. People who need to order more than these amounts should contact the NDSS Helpline on 1800 637 700.

For more information about the ordering of visit the NDSS website.

Blood Glucose Tests Strips for people with Type 2 

To make it easier for people with type 2 diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic, the is suspending the requirement for a Blood Glucose Test Strip (BGTS) Six Month Approval form to be completed by your doctor or diabetes educator.

From 3 April 2020, an automatic six-month extension will be provided for all people with type 2 diabetes not using insulin. This means those eligible will not need to have a form completed by a health professional to receive subsidised access to BGTS, but simply visit their local pharmacy.

Signing of NDSS forms 

To make things easier during the COVID-19 pandemic, people with diabetes will no longer need to sign some NDSS forms to access services and diabetes products. Health professionals will be able to complete forms without the need for co-signing by the person with diabetes. This temporary change will include:

  • NDSS Registration form
  • Medication Change form
  • Continuous and Flash Glucose Monitoring Eligibility Assessment forms
  • Insulin Pump Consumable Assessment form

You can access all forms here.

Taking care of your health

Before making any changes to your routine diabetes management it’s important to talk to your GP or diabetes educator. This is especially important as we deal with the additional challenges of COVID-19.

Remember to stay safe and well, stay at home unless it is essential to go out, wash your hands regularly, practice social distancing, eat well, continue to move and look after your emotional wellbeing.

If you need additional advice and support about visit the ndss website or call the Helpline on 1800 637 700

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