GiLICIOUS – the lower carb, low GI food range

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Today, the Glycemic Index Foundation (GIF) launched GiLICIOUS – their new lower carb, low GI food range.

The first product to hit the shelves are GiLICIOUS potatoes which are certified low GI and have 25% less carbs.

As we know carbohydrate foods are a great source of energy for our bodies and have a direct effect on our BGLs. Carbohydrate foods with a low GI give us steady energy, help us feel fuller for longer and raise BGLs more slowly and steadily than foods with a high GI.

This is why people living with diabetes can benefit from eating low GI foods throughout the day.

Research has shown that people with diabetes can improve their blood glucose levels by including lower GI carbs as part of their healthy eating plan. A low GI eating plan can also help with weight management and improve blood cholesterol levels which are important to reducing the risk of long-term diabetes-related complications.

In launching GiLICIOUS, GIF is looking to improve the food choices available to all Australians, but particularly people living with diabetes by providing a range of low carb, low GI foods. Profits from the sale of the GiLICIOUS products will go towards diabetes education and prevention programs.

GIF is a not-for-profit health promotion charity supported by the University of Sydney and Diabetes NSW & ACT.  They are committed to providing the community with information and tools to help improve their health through scientifically-backed low GI healthy eating principles.

You can find out more about GIF and the new GiLICIOUS range here.

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