Government expands funding for CGM subsidies

Monday, 26 November 2018

On Sunday 25 November, the Minister for Health, the Hon. Greg Hunt MP announced funding of $100 million over four years to help Australians living with type 1 diabetes access glucose monitoring technology.

The additional funding will provide subsidised access to continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) or the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system for:

  • People with type 1 diabetes aged 21 years or over who have a concession card and who have high clinical needs such as experiencing recurrent, severe hypoglycemia
  • Women with type 1 diabetes who are actively planning pregnancy, are pregnant or are breastfeeding
  • Children with rare conditions similar to type 1 diabetes like cystic fibrosis-related diabetes or neonatal diabetes.

The funding will save eligible people with diabetes up to $7000 per annum.

Diabetes Australia and other leading diabetes groups have been calling for the expansion of access to glucose monitoring technologies for many years and welcomed the announcement of additional funding.

Professor Greg Johnson, CEO Diabetes Australia said, “Continuous glucose monitoring can help prevent or reduce the incredibly serious impact of hypoglycaemia (dangerously low BGLs and potential for loss of consciousness and coma) and also fear and anxiety associated with it.”

“Today’s announcement is an important step and builds on the  Federal Government’s existing CGM funding initiative, but we are not done yet. Diabetes Australia will continue to advocate for expansion of subsidies so that glucose monitoring technologies are accessible and affordable for for all people living with diabetes.”

More information about yesterday’s announcement can be found here


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