‘Keepsight’ helping prevent diabetes-related blindness

Monday, 25 March 2019

Almost all vision loss from diabetes is preventable, but around 630,000 Australians with diabetes are at risk of vision loss or blindness because they aren’t having their eyes checked regularly.

To make it easier for people with diabetes to have regular diabetes eye checks ‘KeepSight’ – a new eye check reminder program has been established.

When you register online with KeepSight, you will receive convenient regular reminders to help you remember when you need to schedule an eye check. It’s that easy!

More than 210,000 people in NSW are at risk of diabetes related blindness because they aren’t having their eyes checked regularly.

If detected early most diabetes-related blindness is preventable. The reality is that once you go blind you can’t go back.

Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure that you’re keeping up with your regular eye checks.

Sign up to KeepSight today to receive regular reminders and never lose sight of future eye checks

The new KeepSight program is supported by leading diabetes and eye health groups and is funded by the Australian Government, Spescavers, Bayer and Novartis. Program partners include Diabetes Australia, Vision 2020 Australia, Centre for Eye Research Australia and Oculo.

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