Umbilical cord reinfusion used to treat type 1

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Lucy Hinchion, aged 20 months, is the youngest person in the world to have a umbilical cord blood reinfusion to help treat type 1 diabetes. Her umbilical cord blood was stored to help treat her sister’s type 1 diabetes and received it after showing signs of the disease herself.

This operation is part of a five-year study at The Children’s Hospital in Sydney, with researchers hoping that stored umbilical cord blood could become a groundbreaking type 1 diabetes treatment. The cells found in umbilical cord blood – unique immune cells called regulatory T-cells, and stem cells – are considered promising in improving the treatment of many diseases including Type 1 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and neurological disorders.

More than 100 Australian children with a family history of type 1 diabetes are currently being screened in the Cord Reinfusion in Diabetes study, conducted through the hospital’s Kids Research Institute.

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