World Diabetes Day is Sunday 14 November 2021

Thursday, 23 September 2021

World Diabetes Day is Sunday 14 November 2021. The theme for this year is access to diabetes care, focusing on the importance of improving access to diabetes care for all and the need for action to prevent diabetes and its complications.

People with diabetes require ongoing care and support to live well with diabetes and avoid complications. Fundamental components of diabetes care include access to insulin and medication, education and psychological support. People living with diabetes need ongoing and up to date education to help them manage their condition.

Celebrating the discovery of insulin

This year we’re celebrating 100 years since the discovery of insulin.  Before insulin, a diabetes diagnosis was a death sentence. The breakthrough by scientists Frederick Banting and Charles Best in 1921 has saved millions of lives and is often hailed as one of the greatest medical advancements of our times. Read more about the history of insulin.


On World Diabetes Day download and share these social media tiles celebrating the discovery of insulin or use the blue selfie circle to take your photo and help raise awareness of diabetes.


Connecting with your healthcare team

Last month we asked you if COVID had had an impact on you being able to keep your regular medical appointments. About 20% of those who responded indicated that as a result of COVID they had missed an appointment with an Allied Health, while about 10% had missed GP or specialist follow up.

As we all know if you’re living with any kind of diabetes keeping up with regular health checks can help reduce your risk of developing complications. As we commemorate World Diabetes Day we’re asking everyone to review their Annual Cycle of Care to keep you and your diabetes care on track. Some of the key health checks to follow up with your health care team are:

      • Cholesterol
      • Blood Pressure
      • HbA1c
      • Feet
      • Eyes
      • Kidneys
      • Teeth
      • Medications

If COVID has stopped you from keeping all your regular appointments now is the time to reconnect with your health care team to make sure you are as well and healthy as you can be.

At Diabetes NSW & ACT we work hard to support our diabetes community by providing educational programs and services, psychological support, advice and advocacy so they can lead happy and healthy lives. Find out more about how we help.

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