Please help people like Yvonne

Yvonne suffered mysterious, crippling symptoms for seven long years before she was finally diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The longer it takes for people to start receiving treatment for diabetes, the more harm is done. People can go blind, lose their limbs to amputation, experience kidney failure, or suffer heart attacks and strokes.

Tragically, people can even die if their diabetes isn’t found in time. We help people living with, or at risk of, all types of diabetes – type 1, type 2 and gestational – by delivering myth-busting campaigns and providing direct support.

You can support this vital work by signing up for a regular monthly donation now. When you do you’ll become part of our Good Life Alliance, a group of committed individuals who care about people living with and at risk of developing diabetes.

“Overall Diabetes NSW & ACT has helped me accept and manage my diabetes and be open to all the wonderful opportunities that have presented since my diagnosis. My medication helped me regain energy, which gave me the motivation and ability to become active again. Now I embrace life!”

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