Nutrition Australia’s iconic Healthy Eating Pyramid has had a makeover and tongues are wagging about its new look.

In the UK, the Daily Mail created a stir with the headline: “Hipster foods soy milk, tofu and quinoa infiltrate Australia’s revamped ‘Healthy Eating Pyramid’ which completely bans added sugar in its first remake in 15 years”.

But don’t get distracted from the real beauty inside the pyramid’s Mediterranean-inspired new look. With no “discretionary extras” (aka ‘junk food’) in sight, vegetables and plant-based foods are king, with good-fats showcased at the top like a prized jewel.

Nutrition Australia Vic Division, Executive Officer Lucinda Hancock said health professionals are concerned about the overwhelming amount of conflicting and confusing information about food and nutrition.

“The new Pyramid cuts through the misleading information and fad diets that are getting so much attention, and provides Australians with a credible, flexible and realistic guide to eating well,” said Ms Hancock.

Nutrition Australia continue to encourage us to drink water, but perhaps the most intriguing new feature is their message to “enjoy herbs and spices”.

Did you know that it takes two months for your tongue to adjust to a reduction in salt? Spicing up your cooking can be an easy way to replace the ‘zing’ you’re missing. Known for their various nutritional properties and packing our meals full of flavour, the inclusion of ‘herbs and spices’ could be the ‘food-spiration’ that gets Australians bringing nutrition back in the kitchen.

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