Community Sharps Disposal

Community Sharps include finger prickers or blood glucose lancets, syringes, pen needles and needles used to insert insulin pump tubing. Your used sharps must be disposed of in a strong puncture proof container, or a strong plastic container or bottle, which has a secure lid. The Australian Safety Standard approved sharps containers are usually yellow in colour and available at our resource centres and online store.

Diabetes NSW & ACT is pleased to publically support the shared responsibility model promoted by the Community Sharps Management Program. We are committed to keeping community sharps out of our waste and recycling streams and to providing safe and accessible disposal options for local communities.

We are committed to providing safe
and accessible disposal options for sharps

Find a sharps disposal location near you

The Safe Sharps website (available on iPhone and Android) enables users to find the most convenient location to dispose of their sharps safely. This FREE online facility allows users to submit a location address and search for the locations of:

  • single needle disposal points
  • sharps container disposal points
  • sellers of sharps containers


Health Professionals – Need to order in bulk?

Printed copies of the ‘Community Sharps Disposal – What you need to know’ leaflets are available FREE OF CHARGE – MAX 50 leaflets. The other languages are only available as downloadable PDF file.

To order printed copies of the English and Pictorial Community Sharps Resources you can call the Diabetes NSW Customer Care Line 1300 342 238 to place your order.


Community sharps information leaflets

Your community sharps disposal brochures are available in different languages.

English pictorial



Middle East



Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)Vietnamese