Information Sheets

Here you will find a number of Diabetes NSW & ACT information sheets covering a range of topics – to inform you and keep you mentally and physically healthy.  Click on the links below:

Adjusting to life with diabetes


Alternative sweeteners

Annual cycle of care

Blood glucose monitoring

Carbohydrate counting

Concerns about starting insulin

Coeliac disease and diabetes

Diabetes and anxiety

Diabetes and depression

Diabetes distress

Diabetes related complications

Disordered eating

Eating out and diabetes

Fear of hypoglycemia 

Food choices for people with diabetes

Gestational diabetes

Glycemic index

Healthy meal ideas

Hints for healthy cooking

Healthy snacks

Heart disease and diabetes

Insulin and diabetes

Looking after your eyes

Looking after your feet

Looking after your heart

Looking after your kidneys

Looking after your dental health

Managing hypoglycaemia

Medications for type 2 diabetes

Peer support

Physical activity

Polycystic ovarian syndrom and diabetes


Pregnancy and diabetes

Reading food labels

Sexual health and diabetes

Sick days and type 1 diabetes

Sick days and type 2 diabetes

Steroid medications and diabetes

Surgery and hospital stays

Travel and diabetes

Understanding food labels

Understanding type 1 diabetes

Understanding type 2 diabetes

Understanding pre-diabetes

Understanding gestational diabetes

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