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When a child or teen is diagnosed with diabetes it can be devastating for everyone involved. Type 1 diabetes usually begins in childhood or adolescence. The often rapid onset of severe symptoms may make a child extremely sick and often hospitalised after they are diagnosed. This experience can be traumatic for the child and parents and can cause stress and anxiety through their family and friends. On top of this, over time, the daily constant management of the condition may make a child become more dependent on their parents and carers; less confident and more risk averse to normal activities, even in the playground.

With your generous support, together we can help more people living in the community with type 1 diabetes and try to stem the impact of this condition. Through the Diabetes Kids Fund, Diabetes NSW runs events and programs for children and their parents to be in a supportive environment where they can build leadership and life skills.

Diabetes Kids Fund programs are made possible by the generous support of Future Generation Investment Company (FGX). To find out more, click here.

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Our DiaBuddies events are for children living with type 1 diabetes, their families, friends and carers. They provide a fun, safe environment and valuable family time for those that are recently diagnosed coupled with the opportunity to meet other families in the same situation. Knowing that you are not alone helps considerably.

Events include fun days, zoo visits, family picnics, cooking demonstrations and more, providing the entire family with the opportunity to meet others living with diabetes, and establish a genuine support network with other families in their local area.

Many children with diabetes don’t know anyone else with the condition and these events provide a way for the children to meet with others in the same situation. Everybody else is checking their blood glucose levels and watching what they eat. This helps to increase their confidence and know they can manage the demands of their situation. For many of the children they meet others on these events that become friends for life.

They also involve the family, giving parents and carers the opportunity to discuss their issues and meet with qualified health professionals that can give them valuable, positive support and education.

Activities aimed at children under 13 years range from face painting, karaoke, jumping castle, kids disco, sports, arts and crafts, games and competitions – plus more!

To see currently scheduled DiaBuddies events in your area, click here.

“What I like about the picnics is being with people who understand and are in the same boat.
I have to go do my blood sugar but everyone does. You get a sense of belonging.
There’s a little bit of isolation at school so it just feels better when you’re with them.  You miss them when they’ve gone.”

Grace, 17, attended picnics as a child

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