• When to exercise?

    When to exercise by Joannah Braham, Accredited Exercise Physiologist  “When is it best to exercise and do you get any special benefits from exercising at different times of the day?” Morning and night time workouts both offer substantial benefits along… READ MORE

  • Gingerbread Men

    Get your kids active in the kitchen this summer holidays and teach them how to make healthier homemade versions of their favourite festive treats! READ MORE

  • What is diabetes?

    What is diabetes? There are two main types of diabetes namely type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. As well as the two main types, there is also pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes. We explain the differences. READ MORE

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  • Your healthcare team

    Knowing which healthcare professionals can help you to best manage your diabetes, and feeling empowered to take responsibility for your health, is essential for people living with diabetes.

    Your Diabetes Health Team has been developed as a guide to assist people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes to easily identify any gaps there might be in the care they currently… READ MORE

  • Diabetes and Schools webinar

    Diabetes NSW has launched the Diabetes & Schools Webinar – a free online video resource for parents, teachers and carers of kids with type 1 diabetes at schools. Credentialled Diabetes Educator Mark Taylor gives practical advice about type 1 diabetes management and testing devices such as pumps, signs of hypoglycemia and… READ MORE

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  • Do you often lose track of or forget to take your medication? Do you have a loved one who is having trouble maintaining their medication? Why not take a look at our new range of TabTime tablet holders and reminders.

    There’s the TabTime Wallet, a stylish leather-look organiser to keep a week’s worth of medication, with 7 daily tablet trays each with a separate compartment for morning, noon, evening and night.

    Or try the TabTime Super 8 with 8 compartments and up to 8 daily alarms. It includes a flashing red LED reminder light that continues to flash until the case is opened and a large easy-to-read LED screen.

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