Healthy eating

Healthy eating is important in managing diabetes and means paying close attention to what, when, and how much you eat every day. After a period of time, however, this can lead to problems in the way you feel and think about food, and your eating behaviour. This can make it hard to keep your blood glucose levels in your target range and your diabetes well managed, and can increase the risk of short and long term diabetes complications. Talking to a dietitian can help you to make better food choices and improve your health.

The food choices recommended for older people with diabetes are based on the Dietary Guidelines for Older Australians. The emphasis is on selecting a variety of nutritious foods, based on high fibre carbohydrates and healthy fats in moderation. A good balance of foods can improve blood glucose management, general wellbeing and assist with weight maintenance.

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We provide a wonderful range of delicious recipes on our website

Information sheets

Diabetes NSW has a range of information sheets to help you understand and manage your diabetes and enjoy healthy eating.   We also provide a wonderful range of delicious recipes on our website which are constantly updated.